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The amphitheatre


The amphitheatre (SH-2800) (395 m2) is ideal for holding conferences (including videoconferences), meetings, movie screenings (DVD and VHS), etc.

  • 340 seats (with tablet arms for right- and left-handed persons) arranged in three sections: 174 seats in front, 140 seats behind and 26 seats on the sides
  • Two soundproofed booths for simultaneous translation (accessible by the amphitheatre and the 3rd floor of the SH pavilion)
  • Two digital projectors
  • Three screens: one at the back of the stage (for presentations with speakers on stage), one in front of the stage (for projections without speakers) and one in the middle of the room (for people seated in the back rows);
  • Two possible locations for the sound mixing desk

Technical specification:

  • DVD and VHS players
  • Videoconference system
  • Video camera for videoconferences and for projection on the screen located in the midst of the room
  • Adjustable lightning system
  • PC Computer with CD-ROM, USB ports, software of the Microsoft Office suite and connections for portable computers
  • Various types of wireless microphones
  • Internet connection and power outlets for every two seats
  • Many types of audio and video ports


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